Total Score: 6.57


MV: 6
Sound Quality: 7
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

Release Date: 12/05/2005

MV | Lyrics Only

Am I inflating this score? Maybe. But goodness, this is such a huge jump in quality from the previous few songs, particularly “L.O.V.E” which seems to have been gluesticked together at the last second. No obvious mixing or editing issues, no pitchiness issues, the vocalists end notes in sync with the backing harmony, no nonsensical English sentences, everyone has comparatively normal hair in the video (particularly Heechul), Shindong still doesn’t get to sing but at least gets featured in the video (as a lead dancer, and also as fat jokes (…)), and everybody sounds confident, happy, and like themselves! Is “Twins” like the pilot episode, where the characters are different and everything’s weird?


“Life couldn’t get betterrr WOOOOOO”

What this song actually sounds like most to me is Super Junior developing an identity. Not the bubble gum part, because I’m pretty sure every single K-pop artist around this time had multiple songs in their repertoire that sounded like this, but there is humor (maybe not intentionally but I’d like to think so) and charisma in this song, and I think that came to define Super Junior’s career to some degree. The “Wooo!”s in every chorus are both exuberant and just a hair sarcastic, and the otherwise rather bland “ahhhs” leading up to the choruses get presented in the video with big grins and hands cupped around their mouths. And, yes, there’s a key modulation, because every song must have a modulation, but it’s actually slightly better than the last few, even though the video breaks it up with backstage footage.

miracleBut yeah – even if Shindong was totally on board with this (and he almost definitely was), this is still a little uncomfortable to look at.


5 thoughts on “Miracle

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