So I

Total Score: 5.20


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 5
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only | Live

Release Date: 12/05/2005

It appears that Kyun Hojoong and Sangwon the Anomi, the writers of this song, traveled into the future and wrote this song with a particular criticism of mine in mind. In “So I”, the intro is in D major, the verses are in C major, the choruses are in D major, and the bridge (duetted by Ryeowook and Yesung, in a (K)RY preview) builds up into what is CLEARLY a transition into B major for the final chorus, before abruptly, the final choruses are in D major again. Well played, sirs. Other than a desire to play around with key signatures, I am not sure if there was any real method to the madness here, since F# major does not neatly turn into D major; maybe it was written in B major at the end but the composers realized it would be either too low or too high for most of Super Junior to sing passably.

Also how is it that the chorus ends on Dmaj (I), but the verses start on Dmin7 (ii)? WHO PUT THIS TOGETHER I need to send them to my freshman music theory class.

This is a slightly jazzy piano love ballad, and the quality of the “jazzy” part depends on who’s doing the singing. There’s specifically a note in the verses, which is set at an E-flat instead of an E-natural: Heechul and Kangin sound comfortable with it; Leeteuk and Sungmin a bit less so (Sungmin tries to slide up to it but sounds a touch short, whereas Leeteuk hits it but it’s awkwardly placed while slurring around several other notes). Sungmin also gets stuck with a phrase that closes the verse but lands below the opening note of the chorus, just a half-beat before, resulting in a final “utjyo” that sounds like an aside. Kangin avoids this, with the same position in the 2nd verse, because his closing word (“wonhaneungeollyo”) has enough syllables that it can directly overlap with the start of the chorus, though it sounds weird due to no proper key change.

I’m a little curious about whether “so I pray for you” is meant to mean that SJ prays on behalf of the girl’s health/happiness/etc, or whether they pray that the girl will start dating them. Either way it feels a bit weird, but then I’m not religious.


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