Show Me Your Love (with TVXQ)

Total Score: 6.57


MV: 6
Sound Quality: 6
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 5


Release Date: 12/15/2005

Can… can it be? LOOK AT THOSE TAGS DOWN THERE! It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

For the first time, EVERYONE in Super Junior (and TVXQ for that matter) gets a feature on a song. But that means that since TVXQ had five members at the time, and Super Junior had twelve, this song is full of singers. The song is a full four minutes long, to try to make room, but good grief. Most people either get one or two lines, or are relegated to singing in a small group–speaking of which, is that Kibum doing the nifty bass line on “huinnunsoge ssahyeoga” and “barabogiman haeyo” in the choruses? He’s the only one consistent across both lines and nobody else at least in SJ can sing that low.


Yunho kind of looks like early Kyuhyun here (and is that a Heechul rolleyes?)

Because nobody sings individually for more than a couple of seconds, it’s hard to find much to say. TVXQ’s average age at the time of this recording was actually younger than Super Junior’s, but they debuted two years earlier, and I think having them present on the track must have boosted Super Junior’s confidence as well, since everybody sounds pretty good.

This is a festive, ringy-bells holiday, mostly pleasant one-sided love song (in the sense that although Super Junior and TVXQ really want the girl to like them, there’s no actual indication of her feelings either way). “Mostly pleasant” because there is some jealousy indicated, which, it’s a bit pushy to tell a girl you’re jealous of other guys when you’re not even dating her.

I have not listened to much TVXQ so I can’t really say whether this is particularly good or bad for them vocally. Junsu and Kangin share some nice seventh harmonies on their respective verses, with a slightly drawn out “mollayo” (I don’t know) and “jijiman” (but/although). In general the harmonies on this song are better than on any of the Twins songs – is that TVXQ’s primary contribution here?


oh… oh my… Mr. Lee…

I’ll also point out that while Changmin and Ryeowook get to belt A4s, and Junsu and Yesung get to belt B4s, Jaejoong gets to bust out a C#5 and D5 (and an E5 in adlibbing under Eunhyuk’s rap); at least some of Jaejoong’s part is falsetto I think but dang, nobody in SJ doin’ that, and it’s a good enough falsetto to blend very nicely with normal head voice – no audible break.

But seriously – it feels like they jammed an extra bar or two in on the end just so Eunhyuk could rap more. Maybe don’t put 17 people in the same song! (We have an SJ + TVXQ + Shinee song coming up eventually so uh.)


4 thoughts on “Show Me Your Love (with TVXQ)

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