I’m Your Man

Total Score: 5.20


pic isn’t relevant but i’m running empty here

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 5
Contextual Fit: 3

Lyrics Only

Release Date: 12/15/2005

First off, I am not 100% positive who is on this track. Some people suggest TVXQ is featured on it – I don’t see any evidence that they are; this accompanied “Show Me Your Love” but so did a TVXQ-only song, so I am pretty sure this is SJ-only. I can’t find any hard evidence of who is singing – specifically there are two lines, one marked as Heechul and the other marked as Eunhyuk, that don’t strongly sound like anyone in particular (they’re even marked with question marks on a video I found), so I’m not confident that it’s really them. It’s definitely Eunhyuk and Shindong on the phone conversation parts, at least, and the singers with the most distinctive voices (Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung) are pretty clear. (There are Donghae and Leeteuk lines I’m also not sure about – Donghae lines are easy to tell by the very hard “h” and tight vowels he applies on “ho” and “ha” syllables, but there’s none here, and if it’s Leeteuk he’s not quite as nasally as usual.)

I also inexplicably saw this tagged as Super Junior-T somewhere, which um, it’s not a trot song, Super Junior-T doesn’t debut for another year, and this is the wrong list of members. Nice try, though.

Despite the fact that this was released at around Christmastime as a B-side to a clearly Christmassy song (is it still a B-side if there’s more than one song? are there like C-, D-, E-sides? these things break down in the absence of vinyl), and despite the fact that it’s a major-key song with jingly glockenspiel, there’s nothing winter- or holiday-related in the lyrics to indicate that this actually is a Christmas song. Instead, it’s Super Junior begging a girl to take him/them back, because he’s lonely. This is her problem how? It’s a translation, but “Just for today I’ll be honest: I won’t ever hurt you or push you away.” I even fed it into Google Translate and broke it out word by word to try to confirm that “Just for today I’ll be honest” wasn’t a mistranslation, and I got “(Today only) (be honest) (I will)” Hooooo boy. If you’re trying to win a girl back, it’s probably not the best idea to outright TELL her you are usually a liar. I am not necessarily criticizing Super Junior for singing this – they didn’t write the words (Kenzie wrote this and she also got a lot better with time) and SJ probably did not have a huge amount of say, at least this early on, about what they were performing.

So, as far as a Christmassy piece of ding-dong fluff goes, not bad. Actually on its own merits, ehhhhh.


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