Lovely Day

Total Score: 6.00


I don’t 100% know what date this is from but THEY’RE ALL IN IT SO CLOSE ENOUGH

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only | Live (6/8 rearrangement at SS4 (2012))

Release Date: 06/07/2006

This is not, as I may have sneakily led you to believe, a cover of the famous Bill Withers song (though wouldn’t that have been something!). But instead, it’s the first love song in a while that makes NO references to past history of being a bad boyfriend! And it’s smooth, and chill, and doesn’t make any of the vocalists do anything particularly difficult rhythm- or syncopation-wise (other than Eunhyuk’s rap I guess), and nobody sings anything too high or too low! Wild applause ensues!

This is by no means the best love song they ever did. But after the sodden lump of nothing that was “My Endless Shining Moment” (sic), this is a vast improvement. Sort of like “Miracle” after “L-O-V-E.” In fact listening to it, I’m only hearing one actively weird thing, which is the very first line, where Heechul sounds like he is possibly double-tracked with someone other than himself. The next line is Sungmin and there’s no audible double-tracking at all. If Heechul is double-tracked, it’s probably an attempt at covering up weak vocals after the fact, and if that’s the case it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that in an SJ song. It’s like (and boy is this an overwrought analogy) leaving a thumbprint in your oil painting; it’s audible evidence of the post-production process that shouldn’t be there. If (iiiif) this is what happened, a better fix would be to record harmonies to sit behind both Heechul and Sungmin, like on the 2nd verse with Donghae and Yesung, where maybe it’s covering up weak vocals (not likely) but it doesn’t sound like it. Makes things cleaner and neater and more consistent. (This is not a criticism of Heechul for poor singing (although this is not his best work), this is a criticism of Lee Soo Man, who produced this, for SLOPPY SLOP-PY SLOP-PY.) (Read that in the voice of the magician from Frosty the Snowman going “mes-sy mes-sy mes-sy”)

Also potentially sloppily, the final chord cuts off way too quickly. Maybe someone coughed.

I prefer to link live versions that were taped pretty close to the original version, but I’m linking the six-years-later SS4 rework here for four reasons: 1) SJ sounds lots better – the harmonies aren’t live but the main vocals are and they are preeeetty good – compare this to the NOT. GOOD. “Endless Moment” live performance from 2006, 2) it’s nifty to compare and contrast the original and rework in terms of composition, 3) they fixed “I wanna kiss to your lips” yaaaaaaaay, 4) Eunhyuk gave half of his rap to Shindong :3 . (Shindong might be on the original, double-tracked with Eunhyuk, but Eunhyuk is definitely the louder of the two if so. And it also might be Kibum not Shindong).

Coming up: a bunch of appearances on OSTs and compilation albums, including the first Super Junior subunit!


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