Dancing Out

Total Score: 7.43


MV: 7
Sound Quality: 8
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 5!!!!!

MV | Live (really live)

Release Date: 06/20/2006

Toot toot! The first Super Junior release that I feel comfortable calling a “good song!” This was released barely two weeks after “U”, on SM’s 2006 Summer SMTown compilation album, alongside TVXQ, BoA, Kangta, TRAX, TSZX, Seo Hyunjin, and Black Beat. They’ve been performing this one live at Super Shows for a long time, usually toward the end so they can all run around and be silly and wave at the crowd and not worry so much about choreography.


let Sungmin explain you my feelings on this song

If SM was looking for a summer song, they got one here. This isn’t the lazy drifting away on a hammock sort of summer song; it’s the swimming pools and adrenaline and sunshine kind. Sort of like “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” It’s got swoopy synths, funky guitars, “wooo yeah yeah”s (aka a harmony/backing line that doesn’t just follow the vocals), speaking of vocals nobody has any problems with sloppy runs or awkward rhythms here, and the only “ergh” part about it is Kyuhyun going “that’s COooOOl!”, which, you might find that endearing. (It’s sort of in between, for me.) And the lyrics match the tone of the song – it’s all RUN WITH ME ON A MOUNTAIN WE’RE ALIVE WE CAN DO IT YELL REALLY LOUD WAAAAAAA


obligatory Heechul gif – NOT A GOOD LOOK

And for the last minute of the song, you get two choruses in a row, the second cutting off the last bit of the first, followed by runout, adlibbing, and layers of harmonies and “woo yeah yeah” and the snare snapping on every beat and, yes, everything finally came together. I think this might have been the first Super Junior song on this project where I was bopping my head while listening. The energy and excitement and happiness that pulsates out of this song is what I associate most strongly with Super Junior. Not the song itself, the feeling. No matter how srs bsns they get.



The video was filmed in Kuala Lumpur and features Super Junior in their best, um, not really sapphire blue, but blue anyway, running around and dancing and flailing and jumping in pools. Everybody gets a part, meaning this is I think the first song that I was able to tag all thirteen members on, and Eunhyuk just about whacks his head on the side of the pool, which would have been a significant enough injury, if Heechul didn’t get in a car crash not long after this video was released, which demolished his left leg and made dancing difficult for a long time (the rods were all out by 2008 but the amount of “spirit” for lack of a better word that he showed in performances and recordings tanked for a long time, for reasons not entirely related to leg, and I’m not sure it fully recovered until post-military, which was 2013).

Aaaand on that inadvertently downer ending, we’ll cover Super Junior’s other contribution to the SMTown album tomorrow!


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