Tic! Toc!

Total Score: 4.40


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 5
Contextual Fit: 1

Lyrics Only | Live (lip-synced in parts? hard to tell)

Release Date: 12/12/2006

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives, and we’re already up to SMTown’s 2006 winter album, which, like the summer album, has two Super Junior tracks (one of them is KRY). Other than Super Junior, this compilation featured TVXQ, TSZX, Kangta, BoA, TRAX, Zhang Liyin, Black Beat, Seo Hyunjin, Chu Gayeol, and Song Kwangsik. The summer album had one SJ song which was summery and fun and quite good, and one underwhelming blah filler song. Just going from track record here, if the winter album follows the same pattern, the KRY song will be the good one and the regular Super Junior song will be the blah filler one. I’d also like to point out here that that cover art is awful; it looks like someone threw up on it.

Kibum and Hangeng do not seem to be present on this recording, and more interestingly, I don’t think either one of them is even in that live video up there (the video quality is bad enough that it’s hard to count, but I paused it on a wide shot and only counted 10, which would be the 11 people heard on the track, minus Heechul who was still recovering from his injury). Maybe this video was somehow teleported back in time from 2009!!

The phrase “Tic! Toc!”, I think, is meant here to represent your pounding heart in your ears when you’re around your crush, rather than a literal clock or time passing. I’ve spent too much time the last few days picking on lyrics when I said I wasn’t going to do that because of the potential for translation issues, so even though there’s another weird phrase here, I’m IGNORING IT. Instead, let’s talk about singing quality. Yesung belts the hell out of a C5 in the middle of the second chorus, and he hits the note but it’s mixed so much higher than any of the other dink-dunk adlibbing prior in the song that it’s like he flung the door open and started yelling. Ryeowook hits the same note much less frighteningly later, but I think it’s a falsetto for him, not a belt. Differently for him, though, he has a line in the second verse where he growls the first syllable: “meotjige shijakhae bolgga.” Ryeowook should not growl, because I just don’t buy it coming from him.

There’s a neat effect with the way this song almost fades in for the first fifteen seconds or so, along with the swirling, glittery synth sounds – it’s very reminiscent of someone coming inside from a blizzard. They put some Ginuwine burp sounds on it though, which I think is either spelling something or saying a phrase but damned if I can tell what it is. The problem here is that once you get past the opening blizzard effect, it sounds to me like they were trying to reproduce “Dancing Out”, but left out the relentless snare hits and the “woo yeah yeahs” which are probably the best part. Even worse, by reproducing a summer song, they failed to make this sound like a winter song. “Show Me Your Love”, which is an all right song but nothing tremendous, nailed that part. The lyrics talk about snow and winter and cuddling up a lot, so maybe they expected that to do the lifting for them. (I don’t know who I mean by “they”/”them” here. Producers, songwriters, SM, someone.) It didn’t work; let’s hope KRY’s song is better.



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