Total Score 6.00


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

Release Date: 04/04/2007

Lyrics Only

I am surprised at for how comparatively long I had to dig to get a clear picture of who is performing on this and who has which lines. It’s actually just Donghae, Sungmin, Yesung and Ryeowook – some sites list it as DRYS2K which um, I don’t think this particular group did enough songs by themselves to merit a subunit acronym, but sure. And I only found one video that shows who is singing – no lyrics sites split it out, and the video that does show who’s singing has the lyrics in Portuguese (which I can sort of read but would not call myself competent in any way, shape, or form). So I had to cobble a text file together to follow along with this. Anyway, per Wikipedia, this is the opening theme song from “H.I.T,” a gritty police procedural with a little bit of romance in it, but mostly police stuff. (If it’s anything like American police procedurals, the romance part is probably “we are both suffering from PTSD BUT AT LEAST IT’S TOGETHER.”) I haven’t found a version of this song with a decent bitrate, which is too bad as this sounds like a song that needs it.

Much like “Someone Special”, this is about reaching your dreams, except where “Someone Special” was serene and optimistic, this is more like fighting the monsters in order to attain some sort of peace. Since Kibum, Shindong and Eunhyuk are all absent, Donghae gets put on rap duty, and does a decent enough job with that bit – a bigger problem is that he (and Ryeowook and Sungmin, who get the same line) have a lot of trouble with the first chord change in the verse. It goes from C minor to A minor (not A♭ major) to C minor to F minor. And of course, they’re required to sing an A3 there, when the entire rest of the song sits nicely in C minor and everyone would expect an A♭3. They all fudge it by trying to slide up into it, but it’s clearly off, because it’d make more sense to slide up from a G3, not an A♭3. It’s a nifty chord change, though. I tried looking up episodes of H.I.T to see which part of this song they used as the theme song, but the episodes I found (I think) had the intro clipped out. I suspect it was the chorus though, which stays in a nice normal chord progression and doesn’t do anything weird like fling A naturals at you. So nobody would have known.

Sungmin doesn’t get a huge amount to do here – he’s not heard from at all until the 3rd verse, which starts about 20 seconds after the end of the first chorus (there’s a long instrumental break – maybe THAT’S what was used for the theme song), and after his two lines, that’s it for him other than he apparently shares half of a line in the 2nd chorus with Yesung, but at least in the versions I’m listening to, you can’t hear him. This doesn’t have enough lines for it to have worked as a full Super Junior song, but Donghae does the verses well enough (A3 aside) and Yesung does the choruses well enough that it almost feels like this was a Donghae/Yesung song that had Sungmin and Ryeowook shoehorned into it for the sake of something or another.

I have no clue who wrote this and have zero confidence in being able to find it anywhere, but the very end feels a lot like Donghae ad-libbing because the plot suddenly gets lost:

Sesangsoge jeongdabeun eobseo (<in the world> <correct answer> <not>)

Uiji hanalo mideummaneulo (<will> <one> <by faith alone>)

You’re better, don’t best it

Saranghae (I love you)

Realistically, that’s not an adlib. But the entire song is I will fight, to find the light in the darkness, even if I want to give up, I’ll believe in myself, running through gray building hallways and seeing neon lights, this is totes a police song, etc. Donghae’s line amounts to “there’s no answers in the world, just our will and our faith alone, K I LOVE YOU” which what where huh.

Tomorrow, the other song from H.I.T, appropriately called “H.I.T.”



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