Total Score: 6.40


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 6
Singing Quality: 5
Contextual Fit: 5

Lyrics OnlyMV (not counting this in score because Super Junior is not in it, but it seems to be official)

Release Date: 04/04/2007

This is the first previously-unheard song I’ve heard on this project that made me start singing along with it in my head. It’s a somewhat more love-centric song than “Success” was, but the lyrics still ooze “I am a troubled person who is lost in my own head a lot of the time.” And this thing just sounds like a theme song. Wikipedia, since I wasn’t able to independently confirm, are you sure “Success” was the theme song and not “H.I.T”? Ending theme, maybe?

And maybe it’s just the theme song soundiness of it, but the first word I can think of to describe this is “competent.” Is that surprising, after a tracklist up to this date that is mostly pretty “meh” aside from singles? Again, much like in “Miracle”, I’m mostly just wondering if I’m considering this to be better than it really is because I’m comparing more to what came before than to what I am aware came after. The choruses have the harmonies mixed so far back that I can barely tell that they’re actual vocals, as opposed to some sort of instrumentation.

But given how generally overall competent this is from everyone involved (other than the levels being off – Yesung’s opening verse is sung quietly enough, because it’s a bit low for him, that it should have been boosted louder), I’m finding a lack of anything to say about it. It’s not astoundingly great, like I don’t see any parts to rave about; it’s just solid. I will also add that at this point I got sidetracked for at least 30 minutes on Twitter, but my brain is still going “ajig moleugesseo nan, ne ane issneunnae moseub…” How can you not give thumbs up, even in resentment, to an earworm?


2 thoughts on “H.I.T.

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