Wonder Boy

Total Score: 5.14


MV: 6
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 5
Contextual Fit: 3

Release Date: 07/26/2007

MV | Live (not good, with Leeteuk in place of Hangeng and Donghae (who already sings a lot of this) replacing Heechul)

I am convinced, given how much Attack on the Pin-Up Boys seemed to actively resent its target audience, that this came from some alternate universe where that movie wasn’t terrible. Is it an amazing song? No. But it absolutely nails the “teen/high school movie soundtrack” sound. The lyrics on the other hand probably make sense from a general Korean cultural standpoint (they seem to place much less value than we do on hypermasculinity in the American sense), but do not make any sense in the context of the movie this came from.


obligatory heechul gif 😛

If this were an American teen movie, the lyrics to this would probably be along the lines of”we hate our parents we hate our teachers they don’t understand us we’re gonna be big stars and HAVE FUNNNN”. sumi chage dallyeowa meotjige kkeutnaen geudae have a good time oneulmankeum party time This one is more along the lines of “even though I’ll cry, even though it will be hard, I WILL BRAVELY FACE THE FUTURE.” Which I guess makes sense if this was a teen movie where the protagonist grows and becomes a better, more open person over the course of the movie. In this one I’m not sure he learns anything at all, to be honest; the scene that was supposed to be “learning a valuable lesson” was instead replaced with “burning springtime of youth“. So 5 for “sounds like a teen movie” vs 1 for “has nothing to do with actual movie it was tied to” – 3 for context. I should mention though, that I made these gifs from my copy of the movie, which is hardsubbed by a different person than whoever did the translation where I found it elsewhere – the translated website had it much more flowery and there are also some pronoun/case discrepancies (like, “I will cry” vs “you will cry” sorts of things). I have no idea which is right.



Just, you know, the usual complaints about the vocals not mixed loud enough, which is especially problematic on notes that SJ tends to sing more quietly anyway, like anything below an A3. And the bridge makes use of E♭ major in a G major song, but the vocals don’t match the excitement that could have brought. As far as that live video up there, SJ wasn’t great at singing live anyway, but this was especially difficult I think because of the extra-bouncy cheerleader-style choreography. You’d think that as a result they might dance a little less bouncily – not Donghae, though, who always puts 110% into his dancing no matter how sweaty and exhausted he looks (evidence: all Super Shows ever).


daww leader’s back

The actual video for this has everyone in costume as their characters from the movie, though not in character. This played at the end of the movie and it was like a goddamn breath of fresh air, I tell you. The dancing panda is not Leeteuk, who is unveiled as the panda at the end – you can tell because the panda runs off screen before Leeteuk-panda comes on, and also because Leeteuk was still in recovery from the car crash and was not in a condition where he could do a dance routine.

Can I just say here, no matter how many middling/bland and/or awful songs I am covering in this early part of SJ’s discography, I am so, so motivated to continue, because 2009 and onward is a marked improvement (even their next album, which I’ll get to very soon, has some good ones) and there’s so much stuff I am looking forward to writing about, and giffing, and flailing in all your faces? Including a SJ-M song I’m doing in… looks like late March or early April, in which the Korean video is arguably better than the Chinese just because Donghae and Kyuhyun make VERY ATTRACTIVE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. (And it’s one of SJ-M’s best songs too, I think.) ANYWAY.


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