Marry U

Total Score: 4.57


MV: 1
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 5


Release Date: 09/20/2007

Full disclosure, this was the first Super Junior single I ever actively disliked, and it’s because it’s so damn sappy, and the chord progressions are corny. In fact, I accidentally skipped over this and wrote about “I Am” first, even though by my own rules “Marry U” should have come first due to order of track listing. I subconsciously hate it that much. And as a result, I have not intentionally listened to this for several years now, so let’s give it another shot!



I should mention that the version released as a single is not exactly the same as the album version; the difference is that Hangeng and Shindong get lines in the single and not on the album. Kibum is either off acting or didn’t want to participate other than in the video/dance; he’s not here in any event. My thought is, props to you, whoever made the call to get Hangeng and Shindong on the single; I prefer SJ songs that have everyone, because it feels weirdly exclusionary not to have them if they were available.


proposals are not time to smirk kyuhyun

Lyrics. Not much to say. It’s a song about will you marry me, yes you, listener of the song. The lyrics are basically I want to wake up with you every day, I want to see your hair turn gray, I want to blah blah blah there are no surprises here. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were 19/20 when they sang this (maybe 18/19, if this was recorded in 2006 as it may have been) and despite being two of the best singers in the group, it’s no surprise that neither was able to put any particular emotional spin on lines like this. There are no interesting chords. The verses are I—IV—I—IV—iii-I6-II-V. The choruses are basically I——-IV—I—IV-II-iii-♭III-ii-V-I— . Maybe the ♭III is interesting but it passes so quick. Eventually it modulates from A♭ major up to A major. Turns out yes, I do still resent this song. It is performed perfectly serviceably well; my issue is not really with how anybody sings it, although it feels like Ryeowook gets a lot of the “would you marry me”s and no, Ryeowook, not really, but that’s my problem. Actually I checked, the three “would you marry me”s are Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Yesung. No, no, and ehhh I guess? Kyuhyun gets a couple of “I do”s, at least. Donghae gets a very earnest-sounding rap about walking hand in hand to the stars in our white gown and tuxedo, which is kind of cute. Heechul just gets a rap about how he promises he’ll still love me even when I’m old and moldy. Thanks. 😛 But think about it, me: there are two purposes for this. One is to make all the ELFs swoon, and the other is most likely to make it a wedding reception fixture. Did it do that? Pretty much. I can’t really hate on it for that.



But really, my main issue with this is that the video is so dumb. NOBODY in this can serviceably act like “swooning and in love”, at least not when they were filming this (maybe they all got food poisoning that day). Heechul decides not to bother and goes with his usual winky sexy face. Kyuhyun can’t help but glance away and smirk. Leeteuk, Hangeng and Kangin all look in a very scripted manner into the distance with big awkward smiles on their faces. Kangin in fact spends large chunks of the video when he’s not singing just smiling endlessly at the ceiling, at other people, at the wall. Sungmin stares at the camera without changing his expression a jot between lines. Donghae had a pique of embarrassment and just kind of looks at the camera with his usual vaguely puppydog face. Kibum smiles without showing his teeth which is not a good look for him. Ryeowook appears to be overenunciating (but he does that a lot). There’s a circus, and SJ lying on the ground, apparently King Kong-sized compared to the paper city next to them, and a lot of statues of stark white people, and a tree made of I think glass, and a huge wooden cutout of Yoona (from SNSD)’s head that she lives in, which is floating in an ocean, and eventually at the end she sits in the circus, smiling widely, the lone human among all the stark white statues, while Super Junior en masse dances for her and I guess proposes, as one, and by the end she’s engaged to all of them because she’s wearing a ring. The video is CREEPY. (Man, I saw criticisms of the (much later) “Magic” video for doing the tired “all the guys fighting over one girl” trope, but I think I prefer that to “all the guys are simultaneously dating her in unison like a fucking hive mind.”)

And THAT ties into why I also got really mad about this song while trying to find a decent live performance, which is why I didn’t link one, but that’s for a later post (soon!).


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