Missin’ U

Total Score: 6.00


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only | Live (lip-synced, without Hangeng, Kyuhyun or Heechul)

Release Date: 09/20/2007

And right on cue, we’re back to a song that almost has everyone on it. Where the hell was Kibum, anyway? 

This is a very 1992-sounding song that trades off lines constantly all the way through. It has nifty swooping synths but the bridge is twice as long as it needs to be, and I also suspect that whoever did the English translation on this made it flowerier than it should have been, cause those lyrics don’t match this song at all. “I am missing you” is a good hook, though the rest of the lines in the chorus don’t match it, and I like the rhyme pattern in Shindong’s rap, where it puts all the rhymes on the first beat of the next measure.

But what this song really is is a high note challenge! (warning: much screeching in that link) Specifically, five guys who are not known for their ability to hit high notes are all assigned a B♭5 in the chorus (it’s on “sangchoreul jieoji” and “barabol ppun”! Let’s see how they did!

First up is Kangin! Kangin knows his vocal limits very well and opts for falsetto, and winds up a hair flat.

Next is Siwon, who fires up a belt and nails it.

Leeteuk is 3rd, who belts as well and sliiiiides up into it.

Sungmin, who I keep saying naturally has a lower voice than he’s required to sing in most of the time, chooses falsetto, and overshoots!

Rounding us out is Donghae, who belts and succeeds! And why they gave this note to that particular bunch, and not to Ryeowook or Kyuhyun or even Yesung who have proven themselves to be more successful at it, is beyond me!




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