Midnight Fantasy

Total Score: 4.40


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 4
Contextual Fit: 3

Lyrics Only | Live (KRY performing this in 2012 for some reason)

Release Date: 09/20/2007

And right on cue, just after I bitch that there have been too many solid-but-samey songs on this album, we get an electropop song that includes Siwon and Shindong. Still no Hangeng, Kibum, or Heechul, though, all of whom are getting shafted on this album. It’s unfortunate, though; moving to a more electropop sound (though not really speeding up the tempo much) resulted in a worse song overall. Happy Valentine’s Day.

There’s not much wrong with the performance (it’s another “not spectacular but fine enough” kind of thing) – my big issue is that there is a nasty chord right in the middle of the chorus, which sounds like either the instruments or the harmonies are screwed up, and they do it over and over and nobody thought to fix this. The chord pattern sounds like it is supposed to be C#m9 (ii9) – F# (V) – D#m7 (iii7) – G# (VI) – C#m9 (ii9) – F# (V) – B (I). But the bolded chord is some other thing entirely that I don’t know what the hell but it sounds like SLUDGE every time they hit it. It’s like some people are singing it as a iii7 and others as a III7. Or, they’re all theoretically singing the right notes but somebody is vastly off pitch. It reminds me of a piano I once had that was stubbornly out of tune and certain chords vibrated like nobody’s business.

I also don’t particularly like how the final note of “ppajyeobeoryeonne” at the end of each chorus is a D# on the offbeat of the previous measure resolving to a B on the downbeat of the next. It’s so final-sounding that it makes the chorus sound as if it was written as a standalone song and then the verses were tossed around it to make it last 4 minutes. And Kyuhyun sounds oddly chesty, like he was singing with his larynx positioned way downward. And the lyrics are messed up too – the entire chorus boils down to “It’s cool that you’re dating someone else and I’m bitter about it – let’s just make eyes at each other and I’m sure we’ll end up dating someday.” And what does “midnight fantasy” mean? You think about her at midnight? Does this involve stained sheets?

I spent a while trying to figure out what that opening synth riff reminds me of. My best guess is the Lunatic Pandora theme from Final Fantasy 8. If it’s not that, it’s from either FFX or FFX2, possibly something minigame-related (but it’s not a blitzball theme, I checked that).


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