Super Show 1: Part 2 of 5

Live(?)blogging the entirety of Super Show 1, in 30-ish-minute chunks! Part 1 is here, and you can follow along here.

What was Super Junior doing in the gap between the re-issue of Don’t Don/promo and the start of this tour, you might ask? The quite funny Explorers of the Human Body TV series, which you can watch as a Youtube playlist with English subs here (some parts are missing, but if you care enough there are other places you can find the missing bits).

Super Junior introducing themselves/chatting – Starts at 30:33


the “teukie teukieeeee” dance

Given that I don’t speak Korean other than “annyeong, saranghae” etc, and that my copy has no subs, not much to say about this! Goodness, these are short intros, though – it’s literally member says “hi nice to be here”, with maybe extra words if you are Heechul and describing yourself as pretty and godlike or something, ELF responds, down the line bam bam bam. I’m used to everybody getting at least 60 seconds each to stand around and be derpy and banter with each other. Somebody says “ogenki desu ka!”, spawning Sungmin giggling and that apparently causes Hangeng to do the “we are syupeo junie-O” in Chinese. Suddenly they pan out and there’s only 10 people on stage instead of 13?? I didn’t notice anyone leaving.

6th Song: She’s Gone Starts 34:52


there wasn’t a lot to gif in this song

(aaa cringing about the fans shouting SARANGHAE SARANGHAE SARANGHAE all the way through this, over the vocals) No obvious vocal issues through the first verse/chorus. Has nothing to do with the song, but weird to see Kyuhyun with black hair, even though that’s his natural color, given that he’s had medium brown hair for years and years now. Man, the harmonies on this bridge, even though pre-recorded, are still so good. Yesung went a hair sharp on his final note just for a second but otherwise this was pretty damn solid.

7th Song: You’re My Endless Love Starts 39:23


hey look, it’s actual FUN

Heyyy they quit it with the stupid video transitions. Good, good. And also good that they put two of the best (THE best?) songs off Don’t Don back to back. Man, this opening is still too low for Donghae. It won’t be, but this’d be a good running around waving at the fans song. Yesung had an off note again just before the first chorus. And whoever’s mic was loudest going into that chorus whiffed the E♭3. Weird production choice to have Kibum and Eunhyuk pop up out of the floor for their rap, brightly lit, and have the camera angle show them both in silhouette. Oh, they are running around! Hooray. Sungmin flat AND slow on the start of the 3rd chorus. That was the first part of this show that had the “SJ having fun” that I love about them – sucks that it took this long to get there.

 Interlude 4 starts at 44:00


j.j. abrams did you do this

WTF. Yesung, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Leeteuk being a COOL GANG on a playground. Kids appear to be at the playground; this is not a battle at sunset sort of thing. Wait, maybe it’s not a playground – maybe it was a theme park? They’re on a rollercoaster now. Various shots of everybody looking some manner of terrified during the ascent (except Kyuhyun who is smirky as usual). Snapchat filters superimposed over their faces during the ride. And then cartoon-SJ all falls off the rollercoaster and uh, goes through a wormhole to… the stage!

8th Song: Dancing Out Starts at 45:40



YAAAAAAY. Donghae slapping Siwon on the ass to the rhythm. I’ve seen a couple of indications so far (not just in this song) that the earpieces aren’t working all that well – Kangin gestured at his in I think “You’re My Endless Love” and Donghae does it at the start of his verse here. Would explain why they don’t seem like they’re all following the same metronome. Kyuhyun’s halfway doing the dance from the video but he may be the only one. Yesung out of tune in the last chorus, again.

Interlude 5 starts at 49:20


3 2 1 FIGHT

A campus? No. A standoff in a Western town. They did this concept again later too. 😛 Kyuhyun vs Yesung. Yesung has comical facial hair going on. THIS IS GOING TO BE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED ISN’T IT. Some girl sitting in a chair watching the standoff. Newspaper comically blows onto Yesung’s face. They are all being dubbed because that is what you do in parodies of spaghetti Westerns. Yesung flips a coin. Bang bang bang, everyone dies. Or not. Now they are shooting food items at each other. Girl gets hit with something. Now they are punching each other. Ryeowook shows up and chases both of them off.

9th Song: The Night Chicago Died Starts at 51:58


pew pew pew

I KNEW IT. Yesung’s in a poncho and sombrero. Kyuhyun is a sexy leather sheriff in all black. They shoot super soakers at the audience and then hug. Ryeowook comes out dressed in regular clothes but wearing a silly horse costume. Yesung and Kyuhyun ride merry go round horses out into the crowd much like Mary Poppins. LALALA LALALA LALALALALAALALAAAA. Yesung and Kyuhyun disappear into the stage, leaving Ryeowook alone with his silly horse. Cut to black.

Several shots of Donghae with varying hairstyles, including the Twins-era blond mullet. Fans start shouting “LEE DONGHAE LEE DONGHAE”.

10th Song: My Everything (Donghae Solo) Starts at 56:19


aw man i should have made this loop

This is a truncated cover of 98 Degrees’s song of the same title (2000), and he’s even singing it in English. It’s not a particularly amazing song but it’s in Donghae’s range; I don’t think it ever goes any lower than a F3. He’s got a little bit of pitchiness issues going on here, but I’ll attribute some of that to it being in a nonfluent language and the fact that this is their first tour and a solo and he was the first one to go. “My everythiiiiiingsaranghaeyo.” 😛 come on Donghae

11th Song: First Impression (Kyuhyun Solo ft. Ryeowook on piano) Starts at 58:35


this was another not-too-giffable song

This actually started out sounding suspiciously like “Promise You”, haha. THAT IS NOT FOR ANOTHER FEW YEARS, SPOILERS SPOILERS. This is a cover of 처음 느낌 그대로 by Lee Sora from her debut album in 1995. They transposed it from G minor down to C minor for Kyuhyun but that C3 that this opens with doesn’t sound super-comfortable for him. Dude looks a bit nervous and sounds a bit nervous too, his vibrato has a faster shake and he’s having more pitch issues than he usually does. Ryeowook’s doing a good job on piano. Lots of inexplicable screaming when Kyuhyun wanders over to the platform where Ryeowook is playing. Shit, is Kyuhyun crying? Something about his face. That was better than Donghae’s, but definitely not a top 5 Kyuhyun performance.

We’re past 30 minutes but I’ma do one more song. Mainly cause I have to stay up anyway cause the dryer’s running.

12th Song: A Doll (Leeteuk and Yesung Duet) Starts at 1:02:50



This is a cover of Lee Jihoon and Shin Hyesung’s “Doll” from 2001, and boy am I nervous about this duet combo. Leeteuk performs exponentially worse the fewer people are on stage (he has a really bad solo coming up in a future Super Show), and Yesung has had pitch issues already in this concert. The opening verse(s) seem okay, but Leeteuk is out of tune going into the first chorus-OOOO harmonizing in the bridge! And the last chorus! And Leeteuk’s the harmonizing one! Wow.


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