Super Show 1: Part 3 of 5

Live(?)blogging SJ’s first concert tour, in 30-minute chunks! Parts 1 and 2 are here and here. Follow along here (disc 1) and here (disc 2). My copy of this is split into two discs, and Disc 1 I think only has one more song on it. And I’m also curious to see whether this really is two discs or whether this was just arbitrarily chopped in half.

15th Song: Stop Walking By Starts At 1:06:15


kyuhyun’s awkward descent

This is a sad ballad and it’s a little weird to have KRY pop up out of the floor for each of their first lines; it makes it come off like the producers weren’t taking it seriously. Man, if I was Kyuhyun, rising up on that small platform with a railing behind me but apparently nothing in front, I don’t know how I could properly sing. Was there nowhere less precarious they could stand? That’s a good belted G#5 from Yesung in the second chorus. And now the guitar solooooo. AIR GUITAR DO IT DO IT. Ha – they were coming back down at the end of the song and I saw Kyuhyun’s arms go down and flinch a little as if he was losing his balance. Fuck whoever came up with that idea.

16th Song: Luxembourg (Kangin Solo, w/ Siwon on drums and Sungmin on guitar) Starts At 1:10:28



This is a cover of this by Crying Nut (a legendary Korean punk band), from 2006. Comparing that to this, it’s a really straightforward cover, but the Crying Nut singer is way better at this than Kangin, who is singing toward the top of his range and having trouble staying in tune. Ah well, he’s having fun anyway. And singing along with a rather loud vocal track. Sungmin got his hair super-gelled for the occasion and both he and Siwon are playing competently. Kangin… still has the blonde half-mohawk weird thing. Shindong and Leeteuk run out toward the end to help with vocals.

—Here is where “Disc 1” ends. All times go with “Disc 2” now, I guess.—


Interlude I Don’t Remember What Number, Let’s Say 6 Starts At 00:30.


ALMOST a loop argh

Behind the Super Jr.-T, it says! All the SJ-T members are cuddling up in bed having beautiful dreams about singing in their sparkly colorful jackets. All except Shindong, that is! Where might he be? Heechul wakes the others up (everyone has super-sped up chipmunk voices for all of this) and they all decide to go perform or something. Now they are all uh, doing martial arts training in a park. Still no Shindong. Oh there he is with comical nose/mustache mask. He is a record executive or something. The others all start haphazardly flailing and dancing to “First Express”. Man, nobody cares about “Don’t Go Away” I guess – “Rokkugo” and “First Express” were the only ones that made it into Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, too. Shindong is HIGHLY IMPRESSED. Multiple shots of him taking off the mask in awe. “You’re hired!” he says, or something, and then begins dancing with them.

17th Song: “Rokkugo” Starts at 03:38.


heechul still having knee issues

Rokkugo is a song that demands maximum silliness so I insist that there not be any actual choreography in this performance. are they wearing the sparkly jackets NO actually, they are wearing these weird cowprint green and yellow concoctions. Shindong is gone again. They are all speaking in chipmunk-speak, again. Oh here he is, coming up from the floor very slowly BECAUSE HE’S FAT GET IT HA HA. He’s so fat he can’t even speak in anything other than super slow motion. Bah, it is choreographed – there’s even extra dancers that come to assist.


Hapatakachajaa sabamaradanaga / Shib gu pal chil yuk o sa sam il i il teng

I do love how Heechul always goes “haaaa manhda manhda manhda manhAAA!!!” on his first line. Actually wow, Heechul did that falsetto “dasi hapchang hapsida” better here than he does in the recording. Leeteuk’s more in tune too! Shindong not so much. Shindong: “Say hoooo!” ELF: “Hooo!” Shindong: “Say Rokkugo!” ELF: “Rokkugo!” Shindong: “Sori jilleo!” ELF: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Gosh, Heechul’s so pretty.

18th Song: “First Express” Starts at 07:05.


sungmin is cute in this gif

“First Express” starts up immediately after “Rokkugo” ends. I wonder who’s gonna do Bang Silyi’s part. Kangin and Heechul, I guess. I was hoping someone would come out in a wig. Cute, prancey shimmy sort of dance.

19th Song: “Don’t Go Away” Starts at 09:36.


attack of the fanservice boys

Well, shit, never mind! I’m surprised SJ-T got to do all their songs. And you know what, much like when I reviewed this, I have virtually nothing to say about it. Leeteuk and Kangin touch hands meaningfully and the crowd goes willlld. More crowd going wild for them all getting down on their knees. Nobody seems to have noticed Heechul and Sungmin escorting each other to the end of the platform like classy dames. They are all going down into the floor now, let us be done with this silliness.

Interlude #7 Starts at 12:48.


you know what this show needed? more gratuitous showers and yelling.

Kibum waking up from a nap. NIPPLES. Many, many screams about him rolling around in bed, in PJs with an open shirt. There’s a picture of a woman on the nightstand. She has either dumped him or died. He touches the picture gently. He gets in the shower, because of course we had another shower shot in this concert. He’s wearing pants, which makes it extra silly. Now he’s back in bed in his PJs again. He knocks over a bottle of red wine and sobs, and SCREAMS! I guess we had to see Kibum screaming again, too. He throws his wine glass against the picture frame and both of them shatter.

20th Song: “H.I.T.” Starts at 15:01


compare and contrast

Wow ok, that wasn’t the song I expected after that! Don’t know what I was expecting, but not this, I guess. Much like on the recording, Yesung’s opening verse is too quiet. Ryeowook’s jacket looks like it’s dwarfing him in the shoulders/collar area. And AAA that was a bad note from Sungmin toward the end of the first chorus. Too low for Donghae. Ryeowook is singing along with a vocal track, not that he needs it; presumably everyone else is too but I didn’t notice. Kyuhyun isn’t trying too hard on this second chorus. Sungmin emoting a lot.

21st Song: “One Love” (Eunhyuk Solo ft. KRY) Starts at 18:47


kyuhyun’s still bored

Hi just FYI I have no idea what this is – if it is a cover, or an original for the tour, or what! This is Eunhyuk’s song, with KRY as the hook singers. It’s kind of funny that KRY got enlisted for this actually; nothing they’re singing is that difficult and it feels like this could have more easily been an early D&E song, instead. I’d give this a [4] – it’s kind of boring and repetitive.

22nd Song: “Hate U, Love U” Starts at 22:28


this song had mood whiplash all over it

Donghae’s singing against a vocal track and they’re not in sync with each other, and it makes them both somehow sound off. God two ballads in a row. Hangeng and Kibum come out together, for the first time in uh, quite some time in this show. Ooo, Kyuhyun belted the B♭5! Kind of cracked a bit on the end, but nice job! Leeteuk appears to be crying.


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