Super Show 1: Part 4 of 5

Liveblogging Super Junior’s first concert tour! Follow along here. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are linked.

SJ Chatting to the Crowd Again Starts at 26:10

Mic stands and chairs are being delivered while Leeteuk talks. Again, no idea what he’s saying, but big screams from the crowd every once in a while. Oh hell, I remember what this is going to be.

23rd Song: “Marry U” (ELF Solo ft. Super Junior) Starts at 27:55


this is really all you need to know about this one

No comment. This one is not for me.

Interlude #8 Or Something Starts at 31:56



Dance practice. Leeteuk walks in and discusses the song “YMCA” with Shindong, Eunhyuk, Hangeng and Donghae. Eunhyuk demonstrates several potential pop-and-lock dances. Donghae does something resembling the real YMCA dance. Eunhyuk practices with him and whaps him in the head. Shindong suggests, and they all do, this weird angular chain-link dance. Hangeng’s suggestion is sort of reminiscent of Ryeowook’s character in Attack on the Pin-up Boys. Leeteuk suggests an aegyo version. Aegyo version seems to win. ELF practices too.

24th Song: “YMCA” Starts at 35:23


a sampling

Yes yes, cover of the Village People song from 1978. They are all, uh, in various costumes. Kangin is a clown, Leeteuk is I don’t know what that is (anime character of some sort?), Shindong is a caveman, Kyuhyun is a pilot I think, Eunhyuk is Bruce Lee, Siwon is Zorro, Donghae is some sort of historical Korean person and so is Sungmin (a different one) (if I knew anything about Korean history and pop culture other than kpop this would be easier), Yesung is a jiangshi, Ryeowook is Harry Potter, Heechul is Jack Sparrow, Kibum is a vampire, and Hangeng isssss NOWHERE TO BE FOUND what the hell. I think he might have been on the top platform next to Donghae for a while but they never showed him clearly. Unlike anyone else, Heechul pretty much stays in character as Jack Sparrow the whole time, which is fantastic. Anyway now that I’ve taken a paragraph to describe what everyone was wearing, let me say that that was a thoroughly underwhelming cover.

25th Song: “Wonder Boy” Starts at 37:49



whooooooa 1 2 3 LET’S GO! Oh god Kyuhyun did sexy dance on Leeteuk MUST GIF THIS. Oh there’s Hangeng. He is in some sort of fancy military uniform thing. Kibum’s mustache has been growing steadily in all night – I don’t think he had one at the beginning of the show but he’s definitely got some significant stubble going on right now. Heechul-Sparrow either kisses Kibum’s neck or takes a bite out of him or something.


fun songs are the BEST songs

Taking a second paragraph here so that I can justify more gifs. There is too much to gif in this song. Now Heechul-Sparrow stole a pretend rose out of Ryeowook-Potter’s mouth. I am thinking that Ryeowook is completely incapable of acting like anyone other than himself (yes, that includes the student council VP). Heechul Sparrow stole Siwon Zorro’s rapier and is swanning about with it. That was pretty good, honestly – Siwon and Sungmin both even hit a B5, I think. They do a Syupeo Junie-OYO at the end of this which makes me think this is the “end” of the show, which is funny because there’s still 40 minutes left on this video.

Interlude #9 Starts at 41:08


yes i will never stop complaining about this

Hangeng puts on a headband meditatively and goes RAH a few times psyching himself up. A whiteboard says “DANCE DANCE”. Eunhyuk napping on the floor in another room. Hangeng walks in and “Take On Me”-cartoon-style goes RAH at him. Eunhyuk pops up in horror. Hangeng goes to lead Eunhyuk out of the room, but they spot Donghae in the corner playing PS2. Eunhyuk goes into cartoon style but Donghae goes RAH at him first. Shindong stealing snacks out of the fridge because LOL HE’S SO FAT. He goes cartoon and eats the entire fridge and now has a big comical belly. Now they decide to have a dance competition in which they do ludicrous moves via the help of the cartoons. Hangeng twists like a tornado and steals the other threes’ pants; big scream from the crowd. As he escapes with the pants, Shindong writes “Dance Parade” on the camera lens.

26th Song: “Sexyback Remix” Hangeng/Eunhyuk/Donghae/Shindong Dance-Off Starts At 43:42


needed more donghae gifs. please enjoy

I have no idea what actual remix this is of Sexyback unfortunately. Hangeng goes first, in all leather and vinyl. He has a very fluid way of dancing but the moves he’s doing look more suited for a snappier style. Next is Shindong, in a similar outfit; he’s always had a good sense for rhythm and body positioning no matter what size he is. Donghae EXPLODES out of the floor; he is not wearing a shirt under his jacket and exposes his shoulders for a while for big screams. He’s got a really naturally sexy dance style. Eunhyuk is last and probably has the most raw gymnastic skill of the group. All four of them meet in the central platform and do a routine together. Fade to black. Song seems to be done. Song starts back up with red lights and now there are girls next to all four of them doing sexy dance. That was really good, even if Shindong was getting a little flaily by the end of it.

27th Song: “First Snow” Starts at 48:07


donghae’s not worried about the wrestling

Uh, sure, okay, we’ll do the Christmas song! Why not! How many more songs actually are there in SJ’s repertoire at this point, anyway! Both Kyuhyun and Yesung are having some uncharacteristic pitch issues at the beginning here, like the entire thing is a semitone off, and it doesn’t get back in tune until Donghae (of all people) comes in just before the first chorus. Yesung even has a sour look on his face like “ugh that was crap.” I wonder if it’s earpiece issues again. Heechul gesturing at his earpiece. Sungmin sings his subsequent line so emphatically that it makes me wonder if he’s singing in spite of the earpiece. OHHHH BOY LEETEUK FLAT AAAAGH. Aww, it’s snowing in the arena. Heechul and Leeteuk wrestling. I’ve seen people on the internet say Donghae has a giant forehead, but a) I disagree, and b) he’s got his bangs clipped back for pretty much the entire second half of this show and I think it’s cute. Yesung out of tune again near the end. Wtf, wtf. Thanks Ryeowook for saving it at the end.

Super Junior chatting again at 51:33

I think they offered to take the entire crowd out for bulgogi.

28th Song: “The Girl Is Mine” Starts at 53:07


kyuhyun’s puppet dance

Good god, this thing never ends. I haven’t actually counted how many songs are in your average Western pop concert but we’re up to 28??? And still have 30 minutes left of this? Are we literally going to do every single song released to date? But oh hey, this one has a centralized dance routine; I don’t think we’ve seen one of those for quite some time now. I would like to point out here that Kyuhyun is fully participating in this dance – any particular reason other than “he wasn’t in it originally” why he wasn’t in much/any of “Twins”, or “Don’t Don”, or “A Man in Love”? I don’t think I noticed it when I was reviewing the studio version, but man Ryeowook sings a lot of this song.


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