Super Show 1: Part 5 of 5

Liveblogging Super Junior’s first concert tour! Follow along here. Parts 1, 23, and 4 are linked.

We’re up to the last chunk of the show!

Song #29 “U” Starts at 56:25


the important parts

Ha, I totally forgot about this song; I was getting all “holy crap, are we going to be getting into z-sides?” Heechul is wearing a shirt that is only buttoned up about halfway and brought out a paper fan to use as a prop for his part in the first verse, because of course he did. Hey SJ, I hope you did so many ballads/non-choreographed songs in preparation for MAXIMUM HUMP DANCE here. I am 99% sure that both this and “The Girl Is Mine” were lip-synced, and evidence for that is Heechul not really trying to pretend. AHAHA ok so Donghae just straight up rips his shirt open in the second pre-chorus. And I think he buttoned it back up as soon as that part was over! Haha, wtf. During the dance break, the eight guys who are not dancing literally just kneel in the back, not even bobbing their heads. Inadequate humping in this song. I DEMAND A REFUND.

Interlude #10 Starts at 01:01:00



There was maybe 10 seconds’ pause before this, in which ELF started chanting “ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE” (I think). Korean text on the screen that I’m too lazy to pop into Google Translate. Cartoon of various unidentifiable boys who I assume are supposed to be kid versions of Super Junior, doing kid things. Someone kidnaps them all in a yellow car and they race off downtown. They get stuck in traffic, so go-go-gadget car evolves into a motorcycle with 13 seats on it. There are a bunch of pigs for some reason. Kidnapper dude stretches the axles so he goes over the pigs. Now there are tanks. All the SJ kids turn into Megazord and blast off to the arena. It ends with a screen of “Super Junior Is Back!” and a big scream from the fans. What songs are even left at this point?

Song #30 “Happiness” Starts at 01:04:00



Oh right, this one. Holes open up in the floor and SJ climbs out of them onto the stage (not a lift, not an explosion a la Donghae in the dance, just straight up climbing out of holes). They’re all wearing matching SJ Super Show cartoon long-sleeved t-shirts. This one’s live, and you can tell because they’re not dancing. Eunhyuk does the dance breakdown after the first chorus by himself; Kangin eventually joins in with some sort of wiggly dance. There’s a grand piano on stage for some reason and someone (Kyuhyun maybe? I can’t tell) is pretending to play it. It would make sense if it was Kyuhyun; he did not participate in the studio version of this song and therefore clearly has nothing to do. Kibum’s sung line in the second verse was not good. Kyuhyun should have done it. Yesung out of tune toward the end again. Another Syupeo Juni-OYO as we transition directly into…

Song #31 “Way For Love” Starts at 01:07:25



What the hell, they really are scraping the barrel here. In an attempt to distract everyone from this thought, they fling water balloons into the crowd and Leeteuk sings badly. Is Kyuhyun even on stage for this part? He wasn’t in SJ for this song. (Note: I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be, but SM hung onto “only the people on the song get to participate” for a stupidly long time on things like “Twins”.) Oh wait, yes he is. Now the Super Soakers from “Night Chicago Died” are back. Somebody just dumped a whole trash can’s worth of water balloons out. Sungmin bad singing too. Shindong jumped into the trash can and then fell down.

Super Junior Chatting starts at 01:10:35

After Leeteuk and Kangin talk to each other for a while, they all join hands and take a big bow. More talking. Turn around and bow again to the people who were behind for the first bow.

Song #32 “Believe” Starts at 01:12:24


shindong and eunhyuk are meanies

Still 15 minutes left of this. Maybe 10 of it will be credits. Shindong and Eunhyuk are making fun of Sungmin and Ryeowook’s very sincere opening verse. All of my commentary on the vocals on the studio version, linked above, apply here, strangely enough. This is a full two years after that song and yet the performance is about the same; then again this is at the end of 3 hrs of performing. Kangin is crying?? Kyuhyun comes over to stabilize him. Wow they gave Kyuhyun a solo line! He’s not even originally on this song and all the other 12 members are here! WHOSE LINE WAS THIS?? Sounds like it was Leeteuk’s. Wow, I’m really surprised they did that; I have never seen them do that at any other time other than “original member not present.” Ryeowook sings again toward the end and Donghae and Eunhyuk start making fun of him again. Heechul is just spinning and basking in attention. Oh ok, I think Leeteuk was crying. Did they give Kyuhyun his line under the assumption that would happen? Everyone line up, bow. Turn around, bow again. Big lights come up, maybe house lights. And we’re done right?

Song #33 “Miracle” Starts at 01:17:37


Credits start at 01:21:06

OK that freaked me out – they used “U” as the background music and I was like “Holy shit, didn’t we already do this song?” But then it was just clips from the show for a while and eventually credits did roll. So whew.


Most of me ranting about “oh my god aren’t they done yet” had more to do with the fact that each of these posts, between writing and giffing (even though I am basically just train of thought writing), took WAY longer than a normal post. This is the same length as all the other Super Shows, and when you’re watching them NORMALLY, not pausing and writing and going back and giffing, it doesn’t feel like they’re that long. Yesung was surprisingly bad in this show; some of his songs were fine, like the duet with Leeteuk, but he had a lot of clunkers in group songs. Ryeowook was probably the most consistently good one; I’d put Kyuhyun up there too if not for the song where everyone was having earpiece problems and he and Yesung both started a semitone off. Also, as is standard for my experience with Super Junior, in general the best songs are the ones where everyone’s having fun. Like “Wonder Boy”, which as a standalone song I don’t think is that great (I gave it a 5.14), but in THIS one where everyone is wearing silly costumes and being goofy? And Kyuhyun sexy dance? At least an 8. And hey, out of the six songs so far that have gotten less than a 4 from me, they only did two of them (“The Girl is Mine” and SJ-T’s” “Don’t Go Away”). And they didn’t do Yesung’s awful hard rock song.

Coming up tomorrow – back to single-song posts (whew), and the introduction of the most successful Super Junior subunit!


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