The One

Total Score: 2.40


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 3
Singing Quality: 3
Contextual Fit: 0

Release Date: 04/23/2008

Audio Only | Lyrics Only

This song has nothing to do with “You Are The One”, despite reusing the phrase in the chorus, and instead is for the Beijing Olympics! Having trouble figuring out if this was an official song or not – it wasn’t THE official song, but if it’s anything like any other major sporting event there’s a whole album’s worth of official songs.

Unfortunately, I know of way more inspiring/enthusiastic Olympic songs than this one. Like say “Reach.” And “One Moment In Time.” And (lol) even “Olimpiada”. And even Seoul’s own “Hand in Hand!” (I was gonna link “Barcelona” too but it’s too much bombast and not enough driving energy. As far as “Survival”, that’s a swing and a miss.) How are you gonna let this piece of limp faff stand up to the rest of this, SJ-M? You’re trying to grab onto the Beijing Olympics, in order to promote your new only-partly-Chinese idol subunit, and you use THIS? Boo on you, SM. BOOOOOO.

Once again, the verses are too low for the group to sing properly; Donghae predictably has the worst C3 here since we have copious prior examples of him not having any vocal support that low. There’s an extra two bars between the first and second verse that accomplish nothing but padding. The chorus has no hooks and in fact has two lines that are (intentionally, it sounds like) cut off very short, leaving ditches of vocal emptiness.

You know what? I listened to this song, and then I watched all of those videos I linked up there, and then I listened to this pandering piece of shit again and it is pissing me off. 2.4. As bad as the terrible Yesung metal song. Is it actively as bad, no, but flames. The Olympic flames on the side of my face. Let’s listen to better sports songs. “Wavin’ Flag.” “La Copa De La Vida.” “Waka Waka.” “La La La.” (I like Shakira and I really really like great drum tracks.) (Also “We Are One (Ole Ola)” blows)


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