Don’t Walk Away (with Hong Ji Min, Kim Sungki, and Park Jinwoo)

Total Score: 4.80



MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 3 (again, Heechul only)
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only

Release Date: 10/15/2008

I almost forgot to write this! D: This is what I was afraid of: that my ADHD would let this get away from me. I have about 2 hrs left before I technically missed a day, so WRITING NOW. Also, WordPress seems to have changed their writing site in the last few days and now everything is backwards, and that’s weird. Onward to Heechul’s contribution from the Xanadu soundtrack!

This is actually not the first time I heard it; Heechul became my secondary bias at some point while he was on military leave (yeah, I did this all wrong), and at that time I was like “must find more Heechul stuff! he gets only like one line per song!” Which wasn’t super easy at the time; he didn’t do a lot of solo work prior to going into the military. And I found this, and went “oh.” It’s not a super good vocal performance. And strangely enough, I didn’t realize he wasn’t the only singer on it until now, haha. I hadn’t listened to this in years, okay!! And it was probably a really awful Youtube rip back then!

This is a better-written song than “Suddenly”, at least; it has hooks (weak hooks, but still hooks) and the chord changes and time signatures make sense. And as I predicted on “Suddenly”, Heechul does a significantly better job emoting than Kangin did. But Heechul has some sad (in the ugh sense not the emotional sense) falsetto B4s in the latter half of the first verse. The C5 at the very end is better. Then again, him getting this song and Kangin getting “Suddenly” is probably BECAUSE of those B4s; Kangin has a more limited vocal range. Heechul sounds vaguely flat all the way through this, probably due to slurring his way up to notes a lot of the time.

I am fairly convinced that Heechul did some proper vocal training either while he was in the military or not too long after it, because he came back with a better voice. This is, erm, pre-training.




3 thoughts on “Don’t Walk Away (with Hong Ji Min, Kim Sungki, and Park Jinwoo)

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