Total Score: 6.40


MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 6
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only | (SJ never did this live? EVER? Boo.)

“Monster” has multiple sections that are very sensual/sexy-sounding and Kyuhyun doesn’t get any of them. Grrrr. Unrelatedly, I need to quit listening to SJ songs for review while I have my music library on random because something not-SJ and way mood-breaking always comes up immediately. Extra extra unrelatedly, SHINDONG HAS GONE THE WAY OF TWINS APPARENTLY BECAUSE WHERE THE HELL IS HE??

Siwon is probably the worst one here, because neither he nor Kyuhyun puts the right emotion into their vocals on this song, but Siwon is a worse overall singer than Kyuhyun. (Siwon probably couldn’t put the right emotion on it; he is too angelic.) Donghae and Leeteuk (yes, Leeteuk) actually do the best job out of the bunch of coming off as desperate, horny, and a bit ominous.

This is a song about being a creepy horny helpless stalker (aka monster, though I don’t think they ever use that word in English or Korean in the song). Ryeowook gets the helpless part right, Yesung gets the slightly creepy part right, and Donghae and Leeteuk nail the horny part. The bridge here is pretty crap, it doesn’t have a compelling melody, but Donghae gets to sensually whisper during it so that helps quite a bit. The “just like that”s also sound a little muppety, though I think that’s the fault of poor English more than anything else.

The absolute best part is the second half of the verses, where Donghae and Leeteuk both get to do lines with pitches that slope downward at the end, like “Saebbalgan geu ipsullo marhaebwaaaaaa.” Those notes say everything you need to say about what kind of song this is; they sound like moaning through a kiss.


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