Total Score: 4.40


lined up by age, in case you were curious (same as my main site header)

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 4
Contextual Fit: 3

Lyrics Only | Live (not good, as usual – most of everyone aside from KRY is out of tune)

Well, ok – Shindong finally showed up, on the fifth song of the album. Still no sign of the mysteriously absent Hangeng, though. (Maybe he was busy in China? Not trying to be flip.)

“Reset” has production and/or songwriting problems, but mostly it functions to show that Super Junior, at least in 2009, was not really able to decently do a standard R&B song. This requires a lot more people than just Yesung to do adlibbing, and it makes Sungmin do a sad, weak falsetto in each chorus (really? Sungmin had to do all of them? They couldn’t let Ryeowook do even one? He would have done a much better job…) Siwon is, again, the weakest one on the song – I suspect many ELFs may have formed their “Siwon can’t sing” opinions on this album because that’s been more than one song so far like that. Leeteuk and as previously mentioned Sungmin are not great; Kangin is not even memorable.

The song is about “press the reset, press press the reset” on a relationship that has failed. It doesn’t sound like the girl is particularly interested; it sounds like they are singing this entire song to her back. From a bass and middle perspective, this is a slow, sad R&B ballad, which suits the theme. But then the producers put the, uh, bad example as usual but the opening synths from “Du Hast” all over it which makes it feel more dancey, but in the meantime the drums and guitars mournfully plod onward. It’s a song that’s torn emotionally, and maybe that’s supposed to be a metaphor, but if so it’s very inexpertly applied.

Speaking of “press the reset”, that entire phrase, which is likely supposed to be the hook, is not good. Would have worked better if it was just “press the reset, press the reset”, without that extra “press” in there, which breaks up momentum.

It’s been a slow steady decline in quality since the start of this album. Hoping for improvement soon.


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