What If

Total Score: 5.20


pic is the wrong people, but i’m running out of care about this album

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 4
Contextual Fit: 4

Lyrics Only | Live

Release Date: 03/12/2009

This is “Super Junior (Main)” but just barely; it’s KRY plus Sungmin. It’s not as sonically torn as “Reset” was, but it’s pretty underwhelming, and LIKE “Reset”, it features bad ad-libbing and bad production: the vocals are not mixed evenly with the music or even with each other, as evidenced by random ad-libs popping in like shouts. And I’m not sure why a four-person song like this was necessary given how Hangeng hasn’t featured on any songs on the album so far, and Heechul and Kibum were intentionally missing, and there was ALREADY a KRY song here.

And, “just like that”, I don’t know what there is to say about this. It’s a boring, unmemorable song, Kyuhyun gets slapped with bass duty again (and is forced to adlib around an A2! ARGH), Yesung over-adlibs, Kyuhyun doesn’t have any sense of musical direction with his ad-libbing, Sungmin and Ryeowook are competent but just there. I wonder if SM used up all their good music juju on “Sorry, Sorry” and had nothing left for the rest of this album.

Come on album – motivate me to listen to you. Motivate me to write something other than this underwhelming bullshit.



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