Super Show 2 Part 2 of 5

Live(?)blogging the entirety of Super Show 2, in 40-ish-minute chunks! Part 1 is here, and you can follow along here.

Interlude #2 Starts at 42:15.


sj has hobbies. also hi heebum

Lots of grayscale shots of various SJ members looking pensive while quiet piano plays. Massive mood whiplash. The audience screaming doesn’t match this video at all so I wonder if something is going on onstage that I can’t see. Everybody does individual mind-clearing sorts of activities like dancing, playing basketball, reading, photography, etc. Heechul’s cat gets a cameo.

9th Song: “Baby Baby” (Sungmin Solo) Starts at 44:48.


that dazzling smile

Oh, here we go – the parade of solos that may or may not be any good. This is a cover of a 4Men song from 2008, and from watching that live version (which is not from 2008), I am not super confident Sungmin can do this. He’s singing while pretending to play piano, for bonus difficulty. Big smile to the audience and big scream. He’s doing it in a different key than that live performance, at least. The place where he flips between chest and head voice (I can’t remember what that’s called) is pretty solidly between G4 and A4 and the transition is not smooth. He has a nasty melisma where he goes up to D5 which is not in any sort of key I’ve heard of. This could have been significantly worse but is not that bad.

10th Song: “Soul” (Heechul Solo ft. Jungmo from TRAX) Starts at 47:33


gosh he’s pretty

This, if I am not mistaken, is a Heechul & Jungmo (M&D) song that was not “officially” released until 2015. (I am planning on covering the M&D songs; we just haven’t actually gotten to any yet.) It’s a vaguely bossa jazz sounding thing. He sounds faintly flat all the way through but I don’t know if he actually is, so much as it has to do with the way he is singing directly into his soft palate. He figured out how not to do that several years later. And hey, Jungmo is here! It fades to black and when we come back, Heechul is sitting in the audience singing directly to some girl and kisses her hand (with a big beefy bodyguard directly next to him). Jungmo starts sinking back down into the floor before the lights go out, lol.

11th Song: “Beautiful” (Donghae Solo ft. Eunhyuk) Starts at 50:12.



He’s lipsyncing, but this is a dance solo. His proper solo last time didn’t go that well, so this is probably better. This is written entirely by Donghae! I think he accidentally knocked his hat off his head and had to improvise a move to get it back on in a stylish way. Eunhyuk comes in halfway through and helps dance. Donghae’s got a video camera and is walking around filming himself and fans; that’s kinda cute.

12th Song: “체념 (Resignation)” (Yesung Solo) Starts at 53:17.


doesn’t he kind of look like he’s crying for help?

This is a cover of the same by Lee Younghyun, from 2009. Interestingly, I had thought when I first heard the original of the Sungmin solo, “this sounds like a Sungmin song.” And this sounds like a Yesung song. Aaaand this starts out way too low for him and he’s just sort of exhaling through the notes. And aggggh out of key when he has that octave leap. His breath sounds a little shaky so maybe it’s just nerves? It doesn’t get any better until he gets to the chorus, and even there it’s still pretty messy. Oh god Yesung, this is not at all good. Somebody come rescue him. I hope Ryeowook or Kyuhyun is next. Yesuuuung 😦 get your pitch under control!!!

13th Song: “Insomnia” (Ryeowook Solo) Starts at 56:28.



Oh good, it is Ryeowook, and this sounds uptempo which is a nice change. This is a Craig David cover and… wait, didn’t he cover Craig David last time? No, he didn’t have a solo last time. Wonder what I was thinking of. Poor kid looks visibly nervous rising up out of the floor. I can’t tell if this is live or not; he’s adjusting his mic as if it is, but…. oh god he has a female backing dancer who is going to dance seductively with him. Yes, he is lipsyncing and this is a Ryeowook kind of song but this is not a Ryeowook kind of dance aaaaaaagh. Why is he lipsyncing? He’s mostly standing still and we know he can sing live because he’s debatably been the best singer in the show so far. The girl leaves, he sinks back into the floor, lights go down.

14th Song: “7년간의 사랑 (Seven Years of Love)” (Kyuhyun Solo) Starts at 59:24.


sweaty, possibly-crying kyuhyun

This is a cover of a 1994 song by W.H.I.T.E., and listening to that original, Kyuhyun could 100% do it better than this. I know Kyuhyun said he always wanted to be a ballad singer, and he’s good at it, but this gets so boring sometimes. Pitch-wise this is the best of anyone who’s sung a live solo tonight, but he’s having some trouble getting enough breath to get to the end of the line. He’s very, very sweaty, and I think the audience might think he’s crying, and I can’t tell if he actually is or not. If he’s not, he’s making a lot of suspicious gestures (wiping nose, covering eyes, etc). He’s also doing the longest song – we are up to 5 minutes so far.

15th Song: “What If” (Super Junior-KRY + Sungmin) Starts at 1:05:00.


spin, krys, spin

God, Yesung sings so much better with other people. It feels a little weird when Sungmin comes up on stage, since I am pretty sure it was supposed to be SRY until Kyuhyun showed up and blew Sungmin away, so I wonder if Sungmin feels at all awkward about joining KRY on stage for things. Bizarrely, the thing I mentioned on the original write-up about bad editing causing adlibs to pop in like random yelling is still there, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone obviously singing them; it’s in the backing track I think, which is nuts.

16th Song: “Heartquake” (Super Junior-KRY ft. Eunhyuk) Starts at 1:08:24


take this stupid thing away and never bring it back

Eunhyuk got stuck on the Teetering Pillar of Doom this time, and that rap dragged on at least two bars too long. A-a-a-a-aaaapa. It remains the only memorable part of this song. It’s possible this second rap is the same as TVXQ’s because it gets awfully wordy for an Eunhyuk rap but I’m 99% sure the first one is modified. So hey, if we’re already on KRY songs and album tracks does that mean we’re done with solos? Kyuhyun’s still visibly dripping sweat. Yesung was good all the way through that until the very last note when he went so sharp he just about turned a D4 into a D#4.

17th Song: “Honey” (Leeteuk Solo) Starts at 1:12:32


leeteuk you massive dweeb

really did not want a Leeteuk solo. >=( This is a cover of JYP from 1998 and it does sound like a Leeteuk song but also sounds like he’ll probably mess it up. He’s wearing a big sparkly fedora and has a bunch of backup dancers. Leeteuk tends to sing straight through his nose, and that’s what he’s doing here. Welp, we’re up to the first chorus and he’s already whiffing some notes. This is at the top of his range, such as it is, and he’s visibly straining his face to hit most of it. He may or may not kiss the girl at the end of it – it fades out but it looks more like he bites her neck or something.

18th Song: “Doc와 춤을 + Run To You” (Kangin Solo ft. Various Others) Starts at 1:15:05


ok you are all dweebs too

He’s covering these two by DJ Doc, and uh, it should be interesting. The first song sounds pretty close to the original, and it’s not too difficult and the dance is dorky and basically he just looks like he’s having fun. When the second song starts, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Sungmin run out and they all “BOUNCE WITH ME BOOOUNCE WITH ME” together. Aaand here comes Leeteuk singing baaadly. Leeteuk, go back into the dressing room. Kangin rips his shirt halfway off towards the end and shows off what appears to be an upper-back tat.


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