Super Show 2 Part 3 of 5

Live(?)blogging the entirety of Super Show 2, in 40-ish-minute chunks! Parts 1 and 2 are here, and you can follow along here.

Before I get started, is it just me or is this show missing some heart so far? It’s definitely more fanservicey than the first Super Show, what with all the humping and fans’-hand-kissing and stuff, but it feels like the only parts they are actually having any fun with are the parts where they get to run around the stage like lunatics, and that’s because they’re mostly just messing around with each other. We’re close to halfway through, so I hope this improves.

Interlude #3 Starts at 1:18:48.


rawrrrr hwaitiiiiing

Raindrops falling on pavement. Fight brewing between SJ (Yesung, Siwon, Hangeng, Donghae and Leeteuk) and a bunch of random middle-aged thugs. Yesung gets punched in the face, then punches the other dude who goes flyyyyyying. Everyone runs at each other kicking and flailing. It is possibly not a Super Show without one interlude of SJ beating up a bunch of thugs. Some random fan is in absolute hysterics screaming during this. I would love to know if anybody took the time to think of a reason why SJ would be beating up thugs, other than “muscles in the rain!!!!” of course. SJ wins. “SUPER ATTACK” goes the headline and voiceover. No, no, no, if it was a Super Attack they’d form a Megazord or something like in the last Super Show.

Song #19: “Don’t Don” starts at 1:22:12.


this is a good dance even though heechul looks like he’s in pain at the end of it 😦

I listened to this song debatably more than any other SJ song in the five-month gap where I was taking a break from blogging, probably just because of “wihaesoramyeooooooonn!”, but anyway it’s really grown on me. It’s still super cheesy angst rock but who cares. Strangely, they’ve all changed clothes into “distressed business casual” for this. Aaand it’s lipsynced. I thought we were past this. At least this means we’ll get a good Kyuhyun growl, right? Hangeng sings his line right into Heechul’s face, for big screams. Donghae lipsyncs Kibum’s part and “fights” (mostly just chest-bumps) with Eunhyuk. Yesssss the growl. Donghae and Eunhyuk slo-mo act like they’re punching each other in center stage and then fireworks and out strolls Henry! I managed to forget he was in this. ELF is yelling something again, which I again hope is not any only13 bullshit, but they at least seem to be happier about him than last time and he smiled a little at the audience. (So if he’s here, do we get an SJ-M performance later? SJ-M doesn’t have any good songs yet…) (BUT THEY WILL VERY SOON…)

Song #20: “Twins” starts at 1:26:22.


hey it’s this dance

It’s the babby Super Junior song, featuring I think the original choreography which already looks dated (it features SJ members lining up in a column and waving their arms around aggressively). Also, since this is lip-synced, there’s original 2005 vocals which are noticeably worse than 2009 vocals (particularly for Siwon, Yesung and Sungmin). This song is putting me into feels about Super Show 6, which is a long way off, but “Twins” is in that one too and I really like it there. (Super Show 6 as a whole is very good but very different from this.) It appears they are still not letting Kyuhyun participate in this song, for no good reason.

Here is where my file splits – so times are going to be off from here if you are following along with the Youtube!

Interlude #4 Starts at 0:00.


yaaaay we win

Someone writing music, with various SJ promo art lying around, which turns into audition tape footage of Heechul and Kangin. A picture frame shows SJ’s debut performance of “Twins”, then a TV turns into “Sorry, Sorry” getting all-kill or something like that. Picture on the wall turns into a fan meeting. He flips through a photo album of various candid SJ pics. Music writer man hangs up a poster of a recent SJ promo image, and it shows “Forever Super Junior, Forever E.L.F.”

Song #21 “Our Love” Starts at 2:49.


enjoy this huge gif, for all your fanservice needs

Various members are chatting/arguing all the way through the opening of this, but it is live so yay! They are all sitting together and being snuggly with each other. If I’m not mistaken, this is a more acoustic version than the one on the album. Eunhyuk sings badly and then does his own fanchant, hehe. Kangin makes a big show of pointing to Siwon on some line and then kissing him on the cheek. Sungmin rejects Eunhyuk being overly snuggly, and then Eunhyuk kisses him on the cheek. Kangin pretends to kiss Leeteuk on the lips. Everybody gets really gropey on Donghae, who is trying not to bust out laughing. I suspect this song was supposed to be a big bunch of fan service but Super Junior is too embarrassed to do it properly, as they keep giggling and falling sideways. Kyuhyun gets down on his knees for the big note going into the transition, and someone kicks him over. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun nicely harmonize for the ending and then Shindong throws in his own melismas.

Interlude #5 Starts at 6:40.

Cartoon baby coloring a picture on the floor. Baby nods off. Picture is a big dinosaur dragon thing. The dragon comes to life and tosses the baby on its back and flies up into the sky. Baby bounces on a bunch of clouds. Whatever is next is going to be super dumb.

Song #22 “Puff the Magic Dragon” Starts at 7:45.



OH GODDAMMIT. Shindong is dressed like a baby, complete with bib and pacifier, crawling around on stage. Kangin comes out flapping his arms with a furry dragon hat on. Kyuhyun is singing. The music for this is from some “Music for Babies” late 90s cheap thing. Kangin and Shindong frolic around. Siwon comes out dressed as a grasshopper or something and Kangin fights him off because baby Shindong is crying. Kangin-dragon visibly farts on Siwon-grasshopper, who staggers away. THIS IS THE WORST THING. Yesung comes out dressed as I don’t know a fly or some other bug, so Kangin-dragon visibly burps on him. Various other SJ members dressed as bugs and snakes are coming up the stairs, so Kangin brushes his dandruff on them and throws bombs and waves armpit stink at them. I should mention that Kyuhyun is doing a fine enough job singing this song even though it is SO VERY STUPID FUCK. Leeteuk and Donghae come and throw a net on Kangin and cackle with glee. Shindong does a flying kick to rescue Kangin and then they both fart on their attackers. Maybe Kyuhyun is the one singing because he refused to participate in this. Why couldn’t they all refuse to participate in this? PLEASE END PLEASE END PLEASE END

Song #23 “Who Am I” (Siwon Solo) Starts at 11:29.


take a knee, choi siwon

I have absolutely no idea why this comes after that rank heap of bullshit. Whoever was sequencing this blew their load in the Angela-Miracle-Disco Drive-Dancing Out sequence, I guess. This is a cover of a 2004 Casting Crowns song, who are a contemporary Christian American band. Because Siwon can’t just do a love song; he has to do a Jesusy love song. With a goddamn stained glass window in the background. Now that I’ve mentioned “Disco Drive” can we all just sing that instead? Na na naaaa na na na, na na naaaaa na na na. OK, OK. I should mention here, because I can’t remember if Siwon did a Jesusy solo in the last show or not – I have no issue with Siwon being Christian, or even being evangelical. My issue is with tossing Christian propaganda into an otherwise secular gay humpfest. It is a mood-ruiner, and it feels really manipulative. Ryeowook is playing (or pretending to play? could go either way) piano. Siwon is not singing very well, despite trying really hard. I’m surprised he’s not wearing a cross necklace, actually; Yesung was earlier. Somebody is harmonizing – is that Ryeowook? They’re not showing whoever it is. It actually sounds more like Kyuhyun. Siwon might be crying – he’s knelt in the center of the stage. OK, yes, most of SJ is on stage singing/harmonizing now, including Kyuhyun. (I know he is Christian; he’s said so in interviews with Christian magazines. This whole thing still irks me. I note Heechul is not on stage.) Kyuhyun is doing a very nice job on backing vocals – he is outsinging Siwon which is unfortunate.

Song #24 “당신이기에” Starts at 14:54.


heyyy look who’s here

Heyyyy it’s SJ-M! Interestingly, if the song title is any indication, they’re doing this in Korean, even though the album track was in Chinese (and I don’t think it had a Korean version as a bonus track but maybe I am just misremembering). I did hear a very faint fanchant for Zhou Mi so that makes me feel good. This is being sung pretty well across the board, but nothing anyone’s singing is that hard. Actually, is Zhou Mi singing in Chinese? That sounded suspiciously un-Korean. Somebody’s having trouble with the G4 in this last chorus, probably Siwon or Donghae knowing them. Zhou Mi has such a nice smile.

Song #25 “Me” Starts at 19:13.


just look at that face

Of course they were going to do this, it’s the only single they had at the time, but snoooore. This is the most boring SJ-M single. They are singing along with the original recording in Korean and Siwon sounds baaad. Kyuhyun sounds much more in line with the original and also has a big smile and *heart fluttering*. Actually Hangeng was pretty good too. Donghae, no. Ryeowook appears not to be wearing his platform shoes, so he looks extra elfin, particularly next to Zhou Mi. Actually everybody sounds pretty good here aside from Donghae and Siwon. Ryeowook is so close to the original that every time it cuts to him I’m like “shit, maybe they ARE lipsyncing.”

Interlude #6 Starts at 23:16.


look at these cutie butts

Everyone is sitting talking to the camera about something. Context indicates this is a “thank you to ELF for supporting us for four years” kind of thing. There are random English and Korean words displaying in the background and I can’t make out any sort of coherent message.

Song #26 “Shining Star” Starts at 25:45.



Yup, right after the “we love ELF” video comes the “we love ELF” song. There’s stools scattered around the stage – they’re not going to do the “Marry U” “ELF sings to us” thing again are they? So far, no. Siwon was way flat on a D#3. I think Leeteuk might be crying again. Yesung does some shiiiiitty falsetto. The “we love ELF” video cuts back in with various “saranghamidaaaa”s and “saranghaeyoooo”. Kyuhyun sings his and Heechul is right after with one that sounds like a gesundheit. OK yes, Leeteuk is crying all over himself. Eunhyuk is getting blinky. Heechul’s not even pretending to lipsync.




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