Super Show 2: Part 4 of 5

Live(?)blogging the entirety of Super Show 2, in 40-ish-minute chunks! Parts 1, 2 and 3 are here, and you can follow along here. (Spoilers: this is probably the best segment of the entire show, so if you watch any part of this, pick this one)

Interlude #7 Starts at 30:05.


heechul is taking a whiz

Breaking news! Super Junior was playing on a playground or something and then turned into SUPER JUNIOR T SUPERHEROES WOOOOOO. Wonder if Heechul is going to be “sexy Heechul” or more thematically appropriate “silly Heechul.” There’s somebody in a gorilla suit uh, humping a pole. Sungmin wears a motorcycle helmet and drives a tiny prop plane into the gorilla, then gets knocked away, so he flails around with an umbrella. Heechul is dressed as a Power Ranger basically and does a bunch of moves and then the gorilla beats him up. Eunhyuk turns into Wolverine (with plastic knives) and slashes the gorilla a few times. Leeteuk is Spiderman and ties the gorilla up. Shindong is like, a cardboard Transformer or something who unmasks the gorilla to reveal it’s Kangin. Of course it is.

Song #28: “Superman” Starts at 33:33.


olbaengmeoli geunyug bang bang nan superman! HEY!

This is a very straightforward cover of Norazo’s “Superman” from 2008. Not to be confused with Super Junior’s later song also called “Superman!” Everyone’s wearing Superman t-shirts and capes and holding plastic toy guitars. Heechul has a giant spike of hair on top of his head and seems to have found a place somewhere smack dab in the middle of sexy vs silly Heechul (his eyeliner and very sculpted eyebrows are not helping with this). He does some sort of metal-esque squeal. The singing here is some of the best in the show, as if they have more success singing when not actually trying to sound good.

Song #29: “Rokkugo!!” Starts at 36:50.


fly, sungmin, fly!

YAAAAAY. Heechul’s falsetto continues to be better on this in live performances than on the original recording. They also keep wanting to sing faster than the actual music, at least at the beginning, and Eunhyuk’s eventually running around rapping while pressing his earpiece into his ear so, earpiece issues again just like last time. Ooo, Leeteuk got the metal-esque shriek this time. Heechul is barely even trying to dance this – I wonder if his leg’s getting worn out.

Song #30: “Sorry, Sorry (Answer) ft. Yoo Youngjin” Starts at 39:49. [7.00]


kyuhyun is not impressed with shindong’s dancing, but ryeowook is

So, I was wondering why exactly I didn’t cover this when I covered the original, and it is I think because this was released on this tour, on the live album, but that makes it awkward to cover as a standalone post since I am writing up the entire concert as a big mega-series. I think I probably just missed it the first time. Anyway, here is my quick synopsis: This isn’t a remix so much as it is a brand new R&B ballad that jacks the chorus out of the original “Sorry, Sorry.” The “nananana, la la la la” is a sweet little riff that pops up now and then. Nobody is bad on this song, but Yoo Youngjin can do the R&B melisma thing way better than Yesung can, and Yesung’s the only one in SJ who can do it worth a damn at this stage. Why is Yoo Youngjin even on this? Large chunks of this feel like Yesung vs. Youngjin. Giving it a 7 without properly scoring it because that sounds like the right score for this.

Song #31: “Sorry, Sorry (Remix)” Starts at 43:17.



This is inexplicably being performed live, even with dancing. Siwon is flat. Sungmin is sharp. Kyuhyun is completely soaked in sweat again. Ryeowook and I think Kyuhyun are harmonizing and I always like when I can actually hear that on this song. I don’t think anyone else (other than ELF) is actually singing the chorus though. Everyone’s in white suits and Siwon’s not wearing a shirt, of course, and much cheering for nipples. Kyuhyun did a more interesting variation on the ending “Sorryyyyyyy” than I’m used to hearing in live performances, and then Heechul did an emphatic “ha ha HA” on his behalf.

Interlude #8 Starts at 48:04.


why was she going into the boys’ bathroom in the first place?

It’s SNSD! “Gee” came out two months before “Sorry, Sorry” and was an even bigger hit – it was a good time to be SM. Either a lot of these ELFs are also SONE or they’re just singing along because it’s a damn good song. SNSD is practicing the “Gee” dance (in full makeup and styling of course) and wearing really clunky-sounding heels. Jessica (I think? I get several of the SNSD girls mixed up) breaks out into the “Sorry, Sorry” dance. Exceptionally bad acting as various members are in closeup looking astonished and amazed. Someone (Seohyun I think? Maybe Yuri) goes into a dream and walks in on Jessica peeing in a urinal and screams. Jessica walks into a room where the rest of SNSD is and rips off her face to reveal Heechul underneath. Somebody else reveals they are actually Kangin and he goes RAAAHH. Leeteuk and Sungmin also reveal themselves and go RAAAAH. The remaining SNSD members flee. They (SJ and SNSD) then all pose together.

Song #32: “Gee” Starts at 50:44.


sjsd’s greatest hits

We all know this song right? To be honest, I have seen the Super Junior SS2 version of this enough times that in my head I go “my angel… and my girls…” and then it switches over to extra-perky Heechul going “my SUNshine!!” This is waaaay pitched down (from C minor to G minor) and everybody’s wearing wigs and t-shirts that I am guessing have SNSD members’ names on them. This is live, with varying degrees of pitch accuracy and varying degrees of success with the dance. Heechul’s super flat. Leeteuk’s doing the dance very tightly aggressively; Sungmin’s is flirtier. Donghae is super cute with a little yellow bow on top of his head. Ryeowook is doing some sort of flail dance. Siwon comes out with no wig and with his biceps out. 😛 If I remember right, everybody in SJ got assigned specific parts matching corresponding SNSD, like Leeteuk is doing Taeyeon’s part because of being leader. Which means Leeteuk has to do the ad-libby part at the end and it’s baaaad.

Song #33: “Sunny (Remix)” Starts at 54:06.


leeteuk is still doing the gee dance

No point in waiting for a costume change, we’re gonna do this song with wigs on. And everybody’s participating, not just SJ Happy. Kyuhyun, again, like a broken record, manages to sing entirely in key even while jogging down the stage. Can’t say the same for everyone else here, but this is a very silly song. Haha wtf was that, Heechul? Must gif. Ryeowook seems to have picked up bunny ears from somewhere to wear with his wig. Hahaha this song has so much giffing in it. “SUNNY! SUNNY! SUNNYYYYYYY!” they shout at the end.

Song #34: “Pajama Party (Remix)” Starts at 57:15.


hangeng gropes everyone, and leeteuk is STILL doing the gee dance

YES I DEMAND MORE SUPER JUNIOR HAPPY. MORE GIFS. MORE MORE. Hangeng and Leeteuk just about kissed there. Leeteuk keeps doing this little pony-riding dance; it must be the effects of the wig (or honestly he is SUPER hyper during Gee through Pajama Party, like uh are you on something?). Heechul is still making weird old man faces. Now he’s doing a new rap. Wheeee streamers! Yesung did a nasty note after the key change and Siwon and Hangeng were both way out of rhythm. Now Hangeng is caressing Heechul. It’s a caressy kind of song. More old man faces.



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