Super Show 2: Part 5 of 5

Live(?)blogging the entirety of Super Show 2, in 40-ish-minute chunks! Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 are here, and you can follow along here. This entire last segment is encores; Part 4 ended with the original/first ending, and everyone running off stage yelling thank-yous.

As a side note, I’m watching New Journey to the West seasons 3 and 4, starring Kyuhyun (and Kang Hodong and Lee Soogeun, and Eun Jiwon, and Song Minho and Ahn Jaehyun if you are into that kind of thing), and it is very good and if you have time you should also watch it. It has a brief Heechul cameo too. (On the downside, I’m watching that instead of doing this, but nyehhh.)

Interlude #9 Starts at 1:01:03.


who knows what any of this shit is

Someone drawing a person in a cat costume. Heechul, maybe? Actually, I think I heard the narrator say “Heechul” so yes, Heechul. Cat-Heechul is now riding a dragon. They then draw Shindong dressed as a princess pig, who eats a bunch of stuff because of course. Someone is drawn as I think a horse? Not sure if I heard who but probably Siwon. Leeteuk is a dragon? This is all very confusing and I really wish my copy had subtitles. I heard something about Sungmin. Lots of continued drawing of various unrecognizable Suju members in animal costumes, and cheering and laughs from the audience.

Song #35: “Carnival” Starts at 1:04:34.



Various members dressed in animal t-shirts and headdresses roll out of a hole in the stage. This is uh, from 2009 Summer SMTown – We Are Shining which unless everything I’m reading is wrong, was not released until a month after this, so maybe this is a sneak peek? (I am set to properly review this soon!!) I don’t want to get much into the actual song here since I am going to be reviewing it in a few days, so uh. Hearing some weird periodic pitch issues. Eunhyuk’s mic, during the non-rap parts,  seems to be so low as to almost be off which I guess makes sense. Siwon out of tune again. The beat cut out for a minute and SJ was all over the place trying to find the next downbeat, and then Yesung’s flat again because DEVELOP YOUR HEAD VOICE AND YOU WON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM ARGH. Oh shit, was that Ryeowook on a C5? Nice job dude!

Song #36: “Sapphire Blue” Starts at 1:08:20.


this was basically the same song

Hey, another ELF song. Siwon’s having rhythm problems I think. Wtf why is Hangeng just wearing a fedora when everyone else is wearing animal hats? Siwon, in an attempt to distract from his singing issues, is running around the stage dousing himself in water. Yesung’s pitch in the bridge was going flat and back on the same note. Sungmin’s spraying silly string into the audience and it’s mostly just generating mist.

Song #37: “Marry U” Starts at 1:11:35.


sj was just getting too tired to do much of anything interesting, i think

😐 This appears to be an edited version that took the bass and drums out up until the first chorus. This is still, I think, one of ELFs’ favorite Super Junior songs, and it is still one of my least favorite because it’s so cheesy and has too fast of a tempo to develop emotion (and because the video is so bad). It’s not the worst song, it’s just one of my most disliked. Unlike in the last Super Show, SJ is actually singing this to the audience vs vice versa (and uh, Kyuhyun’s wearing a green felt lederhosen hat or something), and Leeteuk/others aren’t crying as far as I can tell. Eunhyuk’s doing the end rap, which I can’t remember if he originally did but Heechul’s carrying a mic with Kibum’s face on it so there you go. Or ok, Eunhyuk may actually have been crying.

Super Junior chatting Starts at 1:14:50.

Super Junior does the “Syupeo Juni-OYO” thing and ELF responds, and they show an overhead shot of the audience and the outstretched hands look sort of uh, 1930s Germany esque. They go off stage again and ELF continues chanting.

Song #38: “Wonder Boy” Starts at 1:15:50.


all these ending songs looked vaguely the same

Heyyy, a run around crazy song. They appear to be carrying nerf guns of some sort. Water guns? Nobody’s actually singing the chorus except Ryeowook; they’re all too busy shooting their guns to even lipsync. Somebody fucked up and missed their line at the end of the 2nd verse so Ryeowook did part of it. Ryeowook: Super Junior QC. A very out of tune Donghae missed his cue in the bridge as well. Kyuhyun took a selfie with someone’s phone. Very harried-looking bodyguards escorting Leeteuk through the crowd. Kyuhyun was doing the dance for this song a little which is funny because he wasn’t even in that movie.

Leeteuk screwed up and was still in the crowd at the end of the song; here he goes. Kangin and Eunhyuk appear to be leading the ending in his stead. They all walk over to one side of the arena and bow, and now are I think walking around to the other side to do the same thing. Various fans in complete hysterics screaming themselves hoarse in the audience. “Marry U” appears to be faintly playing and someone was murmuring along with it. They take a route directly through the crowd and end up back on the main stage again. They’re shouting out an old lady in the audience – maybe Eunhyuk’s grandma or something? Ryeowook I think is crying. Now that there is crap all over the stage, show over.


Final thoughts: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were the only one who were more or less error free in the whole show – Yesung continues to have massive pitch issues and it still sort of baffles me how he was seen as the best singer in the group for so long. This show felt much less fun than the last one; it’s not that it was serious and boring, it’s that it felt more obligatory, I guess.

God, these things are a lot of work for me. I said this before, but it’s not just the length of the show; it’s the recapping and gif-making and it just takes time. I’ve got about a month before I have to do another one of these. It’ll probably be more fun when I get to copies that I have higher-res versions of (my copy of SS2 is only 640×360, but my SS6 is like 1080p I think).



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