Seaside 휴게소 (Boom Boom) (with TVXQ and SHINee)

Total Score: 5.14



why does this remind me of a delia’s catalog?

MV: 3
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 5

MV | Lyrics Only

Release Date: 08/14/2009

Now that Super Show 2 is a wrap, let’s move on down (… TO THE BASEMENT) to the next song in the SJ repertoire, which is the song they did with EVERYBODY MALE IN THE SM CATALOG AT THAT TIME OTHER THAN KANGTA APPARENTLY. Good lord. This is from 2009 Summer SMTown – We Are Shining, which is one of the last SMTown seasonal compilations that SM did. Also, to be honest, the cover art isn’t that bad given some other SMtown compilation art we’ve seen. Interesting that a summer compilation came out so late in the summer. Literally everyone in TVXQ, SHINee, and Super Junior gets at least one solo line on this song (aside from Heechul for obvious reasons), which is nuts given that the song is only 3:10.

This is a festive beach calypso thing, in which I don’t honestly buy that anyone in it is having fun beach excitement but GOSHDARN IT WE’RE GOING TO DO OUR DARNEDEST ANYWAY. The first verse is split between Jaejoong, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and Ryeowook and the first three of them all do a pretty good job of sounding like each other, followed by Ryeowook who sounds like his usual tight-jawed self; the second verse (Junsu/Ryeowook/Yesung/Onew) doesn’t do nearly as nice of a job of sounding consistent. Siwon sticks out like a sore thumb a little but manages to bring some lightness in at the end of his line. There’s a bridge which I think is supposed to evoke a TVXQ vs SHINee dance-off or something; TVXQ does a much better job of sounding excited than SHINee does but honestly neither of them is great. This is getting a [4] on sound quality both because nobody sounds super into it, and because there are way too many goddamn people in this song. Also, I am not super familiar with what early SHINee sounded like, only more recent SHINee (which is actually very good), but gosh they sound like little underdeveloped babies here.

The video is not much to write home about; it’s footage from a 2008 SMTown show, and the video occasionally tries to make sure the person shown on screen is the person singing at the time. But they’re clearly not actually singing this song, and aside from the fact that the show seems to have taken place during the summer, there’s nothing beachy or summery about the video. If not for the fact that it’s on the official SM Youtube account I’d assume it’s a fan edit. (Thus me not bothering to gif it.)


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