What is this?

I’ve realized that for as often as I moon over Super Junior, there is a large, large chunk of their extended discography that I have never actually heard. So, why not take the opportunity to listen to all of this stuff, while also stretching my music reviewing muscles? I’ll be reviewing every SJ and SJ-adjacent song (with the exception of them being a featured artist on a non-SJ person’s song, because ehhh), one a day, in more or less chronological order. For songs that were released in multiple languages, I’ll review them one time in the original release language, as opposed to several different reviews. As of today (12/17/16), I have enough songs that I can get into the very start of 2018. I took a roughly five-month hiatus in 2017, so accounting for that, and assuming I don’t go on any more breaks, I have songs to get up through mid-2018. I don’t think there are going to be any SJ or SJ-subunit comebacks in 2017 due to most of everyone being in the military they proved me wrong on that too!, but if there are any more solo releases I’ll add them to the list as they come.

Who are you?

I’m an American woman, 34 years old, married with one kid and three cats, white European background and very very little understanding of Korean, Japanese, or Mandarin languages. “Mr. Simple” was my very first exposure to K-pop altogether, let alone Super Junior — I saw it linked on Oh No They Didn’t! when it came out, but I didn’t really get onto the SJ bandwagon until “Sexy, Free & Single”, at which point I started gingerly prodding at their catalog (and watching videos), and then I was off to the races. When I am not working at my day job or doing this, I also play too much Dragon Age and too many hidden object games, and I also edit, help select, and review pop music at The Singles Jukebox. (If SJ has a comeback in 2018 I will be all over it.)

Who do you count as Super Junior members?

Hangeng up until he sued SM, Kibum up until he stopped appearing on albums (I’m not sure if he’s on the Sorry, Sorry album at all other than visuals, but I guess I will find out!), and Zhou Mi and Henry since the debut of Super Junior-M. So depending on what time you look at them, there are anywhere from 12-15 members. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who’s yer bias?

Kyuhyun first, Heechul second, Donghae third, and everyone else sort of clumped together after that in a big ball of puddings.

Are you KookieCane13?

No, I am not. KookieCane13, whoever you are, you make fantastic lyric videos and if you want me to unlink them I will.

Anything else?

I’m writing these about two weeks ahead currently, and in general if it didn’t have a music video, chances are good I never listened to it until I went to review it. (As far as non-singles go, I have heard most/all of Mr. Simple and Sexy, Free & Single, and bits and pieces of Mamacita, but that’s just about it.) So, what I’m writing here are my real unblemished first thoughts, so if I say anything really stupid or easily disprovable about a song or about Super Junior, I’ll probably figure it out later.