Point System

Here’s how scoring will work!

I will award up to 10 points each for:

  • Quality of Music Video (if there is an official one)
  • Sound (i.e. beat, chord progressions, instrumentation, etc)
  • Singing Quality

I will award up to 5 points for:

  • Contextual Fit (how well does this song achieve its purpose?)

After awarding points, I will sum the total and divide by 3.5 (if there was a video) or 2.5 (if not). Scores are given in relation to Super Junior’s body of work as a whole, not necessarily in comparison to any other musicians, Kpop or otherwise.

I am not actively considering lyrics (other than generally the gist of what the song is about), because since I don’t speak any of the languages Super Junior sings in, I don’t think it’s fair for me to judge based on a English translation – aside from the chances of mistranslation, there’s also a lot of nuance that could be lost.