Happy Bubble (ft. Han Ji Min)

Total Score: 6.57


yeeaahhh we’re cool dudes

MV: 6
Sound Quality: 6
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 5

MV (best quality video I could find, but bad quality audio) | Lyrics Only

Release Date: 08/20/2009


why do kyuhyun and donghae wear scarves to bed WILL WE ONLY FIND OUT WHEN THEY ARE OLD AND DYING???

Heyyy, it’s my #1 and #3 bias doing a song together! This is actually a product-selling commercial sort of song, but it apparently got a proper single release and music video and everything, probably because Kyuhyun and Donghae, particularly in 2009, were such cutiebutts. Or maybe that’s normal for song jingles sung by famous Koreans? I dunno. This is an ad for Happy Bath facial cleansers, and is not the same song as Winterplay’s “Happy Bubble” which is a good song that I don’t think has any connection to the brand. I think Donghae and Kyuhyun could probably do a good song together now, but back in 2009, Donghae had a lot weaker vocal tone so uh, we’ll see! Continue reading